My Perspective on Happiness

Long time no see everyone! I thought I would begin the 2018 year with a blog post that I feel very strongly about, my perspective on true happiness. The basis of my blog is to give advice for those seeking on how to be content with the life we are given, and if you aren’t at ease I try to provide ways to improve your shaded outlook. It is insanely important to me that I see all my family, friends, and even strangers around me thriving. One thing I plan to work on in the new year is spending my free time more wisely. Do I really need to spend hours switching from Twitter to Instagram and then back to Twitter? Absolutely not, but unfortunately I find myself a victim to this tainted routine daily. I don’t want to waste my life away behind a screen living through someone else’s journey displayed through a post. Why not take that time and turn it into something way more productive, let’s say some more blog posts or creating a new playlist! It disgusts me how much I have relied on social media to provide me happiness. We have become such a tech savvy world that is slowly drowning in materialistic bullshit. Well it is time to put an end to temporary happiness and place our focus back to the real, genuine butterfly feeling of TRUE happiness. You can find this feeling remotely anywhere… the people you surround yourself with, the hobbies you’ve grown to love, even the cup of coffee you enjoy every morning. Vibin’ around positive energy will not only boost your own mindset but will reciprocate that same energy back into the world. After backing away from my phone more and more, I find myself growing such an admiration for books. Frequent trips to Barnes & Noble have left me with multiple works that have been completely eye opening, each having to do with taking care of ourselves. I am thankful for breaking off the handcuffs of technology and I hope to further my separation throughout this year.

I challenge you all to step away from social media. Yes the occasional scroll through won’t kill you but I do urge you to live in the moment and never take a second for granted. We only get one shot at this, so let’s make the most of it.


xo, Faith


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