Why I Write

Writing is my sweet serenity that compliments my overthinking mind, making it easier to communicate on paper rather than vocally. Unfortunately, being a victim of both stress and anxiety, a release valve became a necessity.  As someone who values and strives to achieve a healthy state of mind, I knew I needed an avenue to express myself. There are many ways to make one’s voice heard and I found my voice through writing. With a pen and paper I feel unstoppable, releasing all the negative thoughts and molding it into something positive… tips on living a life filled with genuine happiness. In the summer of 2016, a powerful little ad on Twitter gave me the inspiration to write my own blog. I realized if I were to share this creative outlet, I could potentially reach others who might relate to what I had to say. “Blissful Thinking” arose from my fears of moving to a new town and starting a new chapter of my life. I was feeling apprehensive about starting my junior year of high school without a familiar face. Within an hour of pressing the submit button, I received my first positive comment. That one comment was enough of a catalyst to make me continue writing. Due to the unexpected positive feedback, I went on to post my second entry, “Definition of Love” and so on, continuously gaining followers who sought out guidance through my words. My followers found they were not alone in feeling the way they did.  It is astonishing how complete strangers have the capability to empower a self-effacing writer, like myself, to upgrade from a private journal to a public website. Expressing my creative side has not only helped me grow as a person, it has opened up a whole new realm of opportunities to connect with people.




5 thoughts on “Why I Write

  1. Faith, I had a blog for a few years when you guys were in middle school and I had so much fun with it. It was cathartic at time. I often miss it. You are a beautiful writer. Keep it up! I mean very proud of you.

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  2. I adore writing so much and I’ve been wanting to start a blog but have never gotten up and actually done it haha. I love this it’s inspiring. Thanks. And love your name I’m faith too!! Haha

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