To My Future Self, You’ll Be Just Fine

To my future self,

I hope..

You’ve been achieving everything your heart has desired no matter what anyone has to say about it.

That you have remained strong despite all the obstacles you have encountered along the journey of life.

Everyone in your life constantly surrounds you with pure happiness and genuine love.

You have out grown all toxic relationships/friendships that had once poisoned your mood.

That throughout all the careless decisions you have made, there’s not a single one you regret.

But most importantly, I hope you are happy with the person you are becoming and continuously flourishing into.

There is absolutely nothing in this world we cannot achieve if we put our minds to it. At such a young age we are taught to obide by the rules and to take the road most pratical. It’s okay to be rebellious and to take the road less followed! Take advantage of the present, explore numerous horizons, and let the future work itself out. If you are constantly stressing on the “what ifs”, then you are cruising by in auto pilot, watching your own life speeding by you without even getting to enjoy it. Be mindful of the time now since it is something you can never gain back. Do what YOU love, spread love to the ones YOU care about, and never forget to love YOUrself.

Unitl the future has become the present, do not stress over it one bit. I know it’s terrifying to feel like you have no control, but, what is even scarier is wasting precious time worrying and dreading something that is out of reach.


Until next time,



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