The Future is Bright

Hey everyone! I feel like it has been forever since I have gotten the chance to write a piece due to lack of hours in the day. Lately I have been feeling an over abundant amount of stress because of how fast time flies. How is it that I am already looking at future colleges?! Last time I checked I was at the bottom of the food chain, a freshman year nobody, but now soon to be a senior. The fun of high school slowly starts to die out however, when you’re constantly overthinking every exam coming up, so it could possibly bump your class ranks a few spots or even increase your GPA. So much emphasis is placed on our futures instead of what is going on in the present now. If you ask me I find it pretty upsetting that we are rushed into adulthood, and literally compete like the Hunger Games to get into a decent school. It is mentally draining, and I know I do not stand alone in thinking that. Through my experiences in high school, I have learned a thing or two along the way that I need to share for those struggling students out there…

  1. Make sure to get enough sleep. That extra hour of studying at 2 a.m will not do you any good for that early morning exam. Once you have hit a certain point of over exhaustion, your body is able to stay awake, but in reality, your mind is way gone. All the information you attempt teaching yourself that late at night will not be retained what so ever. Sleep is vital, it lets you take a break from everything to just relax and to ease your mind. Do not look over those 7 to 8 hours of you time. Getting a good night sleep will allow yourself to excel the following day, grasping more if you’re awake due to sleeping well rather than a caffeine high.
  2. One bad test grade will NOT ruin your future. Believe me I know getting a bad test grade sucks, and it feels like everything around you is crumbling down, but really in the grand scheme of life and every other obstacle that is able to be thrown your way, a bad grade is not that impactful. Yeah sometimes you just want to sit back and cry for hours upon hours because you studied your butt off and still got a D, all you should do is reflect on what you did wrong and just improve from there. I gained this perspective from my history teacher this year, Mr. Thomson. I have learned more about dealing with life in this one class than I have my entire life. A bad grade does not define you as a bad person, we all make mistakes its whether we choose to make a difference with the outcome or leave it alone to ignore it.
  3.  If you need help, get it. Do not be ashamed if you do not get something, instead get the help that is offered to you. There’s tons of free tutoring, online teaching videos through Khan Academy, or even simply asking your teacher after class. My freshman and sophomore year I struggled with math, getting terrible grades because I was too ashamed to ask for help. However this year I was determined to raise my overall math grade and perspective of the subject, so I ask my teacher questions constantly to make sure I understand the topic. Teachers are there to help you! All the free tutoring programs are there to help you! Do not ignore the lesson if you do not get it, asking for help does not make you seem weak!!

The best advice I could give younger grades is enjoy your time in high school while you still can, this should be the best times of our lives, not the most stressful. So go to those lame school events, be annoyingly loud at the football games, but most importantly, make as many memories as possible.



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