The Revolution to Equality is Now.

I am sick of living in a world that hasn’t gotten over the fact same sexes fall in love. I am sick of living in a world where different races are targeted as enemies no matter what their stories are. I am sick of living in a world of disunity, where passing strangers think the worse of one another. This is not an environment for loving, instead it is one for hating. But sadly our society has set it up to be this way. By all the horrific things that have happened these past few years, prejudices began to form for not just one human, but an entire race. Stop hating on specific races just because a minor group messed up their reputation, I promise you that not every one of the same race is identical. I am never going to understand those of you whose mindsets have yet to mature. You do not fix problems by spreading hate, that would be the equivalent to throwing lighter fluid into a pit of fire to try to put it out.

 Now is the time for change. Not next week, or even ten years from now, the time is right now. The decisions being made today are going to affect our kids and grandkids if we don’t put a stop to them. Luckily, America is home to an abundant amount of resources for both men and women, but how come only the rights of females are being striped away? Personally, I do not understand why establishments, such as Planned Parenthood, are even up for discussion of diminishing. By helping over two million women every year with a variety of different services, the fight for these places should be to better them, not to destroy. Women are a powerful force let me tell you that. Throughout history they have proven their haters wrong, out powering any obstacle that comes flying their way. If only today people had more of a progressive mindset, women globally wouldn’t be so outraged. By keeping Planned Parenthood alive, we have the opportunity to save more women, and to keep equality afloat.

Seeing the Women’s March blow up social media was beautiful, and the movement is just getting started. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a male or female, or what your sexual preference is, as long as you’re pushing for equality no one judges! That’s the beauty of it all. As others are trying to disunite the nation, groups such as those apart of the marches grow even closer. Shout out to all of those people out there fighting to make a difference peacefully! Words are the most powerful weapon of them all, and by using them wisely, your voice will be heard for thousands of miles. I am proud to be a feminist, it brings tears to my eyes to see all of those astonishing women out there making our voices heard. Thank you to everyone striving towards equality for all, including all genders and races.



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