Hey everyone!

I decided to dedicate this post to someone who helped me brainstorm on what to write about next, his name is Basil. Luckily, through the mayhem of switching schools, I have met some amazing people, Basil is just one of many. So thank you for shining such a positive light into my life, and for inspiring me to keep on writing.

Do People Have a Destiny?

A destiny is something you are automatically brought into the world with, not something you can just obtained. What do you think your destiny is? Personally, I have always had the tendency to take care of others before I take care of myself. Growing up has proven this theory correct as I find myself in situations caring more about another person than myself.  When we’re asked as kids, “What do you want to be when you’re older?” Many kids know from the start of what they want to do for the rest of their lives. However, many are left with a blank stare, either from not knowing yet or the matter of not caring. I knew from the start my purpose was being there for others and helping anyone through any obstacle. Destinies can be revealed at any age. You might be 4 or you even 50 before you truly know what your purpose in life is. Once you find clarity of the meaning of your life, everything starts to make sense. What is amazing about human nature is that no one’s destiny is similar to the next. Our uniqueness is astonishing to the point where we all have our own story to share. Some ways, I believe, help unmask someone’s destiny is being adventurous. If you stick to the same old routine on a daily basis, how will you ever find your true potential? Read books, visit random places, pick up on hobbies that you wouldn’t particularly do, but whatever it is, just get out there! You need one spark to ignite the fire of destiny, and once it starts, it will never die. Once destiny is in your hands, it can never be taken away from you, which makes it so breathtaking.

 Keep on exploring’, maybe your destiny will become apparent in a place where you never would’ve guessed it.


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