You’re Not Alone

We’ve all had those moments where we feel completely isolated. As if no one in the world could possibly relate to what is happening. But in reality, so many people go through the same experiences and know what is it like, especially alone. People tend to feel like a burden whenever they’re seeking that one person to talk to, I know I am guilty of this. But they’re so many different types of ways to talk to someone without feeling judged. Many people are also the type to keep to themselves when feeling down which I completely relate to as well, so here are some useful tips that have helped me in the past and hopefully in the future whenever I feel alone and upset…

  1. Talk to your best friend. For me, that five-minute phone call can make any bad day turn into the complete opposite. Real friends have your back no matter what and are there to help not judge. Do not settle for less when it comes to finding that one best friend. Having a group is nice and all, but having one to fully trust and always talk to is truly a blessing.
  2. Go for a drive. If it is alone or with someone you love, going for a drive frees the mind. I don’t know what it is but the breeze coming in through the window and the soft Ed Sheeran melodies playing in the background, but somehow it calms all my thoughts. Even adventuring to a pretty spot to enjoy the view such as a mountain top is a stress reliever. I live in LA so the ideal relaxing spot for me is either the Griffith Park hills or up by the Griffith Observatory. I am thankful to live in a city that is great for everything, especially for escaping reality and the craziness in the heart of town.
  3. Finding relations on Tumblr. This site is by far one of my favorite social medias for the sense that they’re so many great advice givers on it, happy to spread kind words to help. The cool thing is the amount of things able to be found on Tumblr are infinite, from any subject like relationships to dealing with divorced parents. All Tumblr pages that I have personally commented on or asked a question on were honestly some of the most down to Earth responses I have ever received.                     This world is huge, filled with so many souls willing to help through any difficulty. No one needs to go through hardships alone. There’s always places to find help. Take the hand that is offering you help, and lend a hand to pass on the kindness. Who knows…maybe you’ll change someone’s life.

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