Simple Pleasures

As I’m drinking my usual caramel latte at my local coffee shop, with the soft sounds of smooth jazz in the background, I found myself the calmest I’ve been all week. For me, the weekdays are the busiest, with my seven hour school days on top of work afterwards followed up by a boat load of homework, I’m lucky to get a meal in. That’s why my weekends are so important to me, it gives me time to sit back, relax, and write. I am the WORST with dealing with stress, I hold it all in until my mind explodes, however, I found something to keep that from happening. Writing. You don’t have to be the world’s most amazing novelist, but getting your thoughts out onto paper is like releasing this pressure that has been holding you down. We all have that one thing that keeps us going, for some it is reading or painting, whatever it is I give a tip to doing it as frequently as possible because you don’t want to be a victim of stress. I am lucky enough to be surrounded by a supportive family and a group of friends that encourage my thoughts to be heard, which makes this simple pleasure of mine so much more valuable. Finding your cup of tea can be challenging at times, I suggest exploring different hobbies that are intriguing because it will make the world of a difference for your sanity. Writing has all around made me a more positive person to be around, even during my most hectic times. So here is to those simple pleasures that keeps the mind at ease and the heart content.


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