Keep Doing You

Growing up in a generation where everyone seems to care about every little thing you do is hard at times. If it is not affecting them they why do they care so much? The answer is simply this. Because people are rude and judgmental. Society has set up certain standards about what is considered “cool” to “totally weird” or “stupid”. We’ve all gone through a time where we are enjoying something that puts a smile on our faces, but then quickly ends in the blink of an eye when some idiot decides to judge. Let me give you a hint. DO NOT LISTEN TO ANY BS. I made the mistake of letting people feel in control of my life and I lost true happiness because I gave up on things that others commented rudely on. Do not give criticizers the satisfaction of winning. If someone feels the need to make a side remark, all you have to do is ignore it and prove yourself as the bigger person. Not one person is alike, meaning not one personality is alike. If something puts a smile on that cute face of yours, never give up on it. And whatever you do, ignore all negativity because you do not need that in your life.

I wish you all the best this week, and just remember to keep doing you!

Lots of Love,



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