Definition of Love

Love is such a beautiful thing to encounter. It’s the craziest journey that life has to offer. There are so many mediocre things in life, but love is not on that list. In my world, love has three very distinct varieties: motherly love, first love, and puppy love!

Motherly love. From heart breaks to stomach aches, a mother fixes everything.They show love by the little things like making the school lunches or sending that good luck text before a huge test. It may not be the biggest gestures in the world but they sure do make my world. Never take your mom for granted. I know for me, especially during these teenage years, she sometimes feels like my worst enemy but in reality she will forever be my best friend. A mother can spot a fake friend, terrible boyfriend, or a disaster way before you can. Always listen to what she has to say instead of having ignorant ears because her words might just save you a box of tissues and hours spent watching chick flicks.

First love. The type where you can’t stop thinking about “the one.” They’re the first thing you think of in the morning and the last thing strolling your mind at night. You would do absolutely anything for your first love because the feeling is an overwhelming amount of adrenaline that not even a rollercoaster can match. Most people mistaken their first true love as their first boyfriend/girlfriend ever when really that might just be one heart break closer to finding the actual one. Don’t be afraid to express this sort of love! What is ridiculous in today’s society is either a certain amount of time must pass or the girl can’t say those three words first… There are NO RULES to love, and whoever still thinks this needs to wake up because it is 2016 and if the world is evolving so can the act of love.

Puppy Love. As humans we take a dog’s affection for granted. When you leave the house, they never know how long you will be but they’ll always be waiting to greet you with kisses as soon as you come home. That’s the thing about dogs, no matter how many times you leave, whether it is for work, vacation, or service for our country, that love will never weaken. They’re there for those lonely nights where all you need is someone to cuddle with, or after a hard day they help put a smile back on your face. Having a dog is such a privilege because when all else fails you know that one furry, four-legged friend will always adore you. Now that is love.



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